Sunday, October 30, 2016

October 30, 2016 - Proper 26C

Readings for today (Track 1).

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I want to talk about Reformation this morning.  That might seem like a funny subject for us Episcopalians.  Today is Reformation Sunday!  Reformation Sunday isn’t part of the calendar of The Episcopal Church, but it IS important to our sisters and brothers in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  The ELCA and The Episcopal Church have a Call to Common Ministry, a shared ministry that we entered into about 20 years ago where we share clergy and ministry partnerships.  At Diocesan Convention last weekend we had the two Lutheran bishops from western Washington, the same area that our diocese covers, join us for convention.  So we got a little lesson in reformation from Bishop Jaich.

He defined reformation as something that happens when God’s spirit of grace meets a holy calling.